Jun 10, 2012

Pictorial of Transformation from Old Wooden Deck to Brick Pavers Patio

Raised Pavers Patio with Landing, Steps, and Planter Creates Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

In Ann Arbor this past Spring, we created this backyard transformation from an Old Wooden Deck to a beautiful Outdoor Living Space.

Designing & building a raised brick pavers patio with a paver landing & steps made the most of the space available. The pavers patio encompassed a duel Planter / Sitting Wall application that created not only some landscape beauty, but useable sitting area for entertaining.

Usually I will go through a stage-by-stage description of the process of installing a uniquely designed paver patio. This post will give you a visual pictorial of the stages of production that lead us to the spectacular conclusion to this project. Pictures will tell the story this post. Enjoy!