Jul 8, 2012

Brick Pavers Patio and Step Tune-up in Canton

Repair, Rebuild, Cleaning, and Sealing of Brick Pavers will bring back life

In Canton, MI this past week, we performed one of our popular Pavers Patio & Step Tune-ups that will restore some of the original beauty & function of this outdoor living space.  My crew and I have been a leader in this area of expertise in Southeast Michigan for quite some time now offering full brick paver services, education, and follow-up maintenance programs.

This paver patio needed the current paver step rebuilt. The patio had several sunken, gapped, & loose paving stones throughout. The outside soldier course row of pavers where raised and needed re-leveling and we replaced the raised plastic edge restraint with a hidden cement bead.

After performing all the necessary repairs & rebuild of the paver step, we cleaned the patio and prepped it for sealing.  We returned a couple days later to apply a proper brick paver sealant.  The restoration of this pavers patio was very dramatic and well within an acceptable budget for the homeowner. 

Restoration of brick pavers has become a popular option for homeowner's who have neglected or inherited distressed paver patios, walks, driveways, steps, porches, etc.. .  Many homeowners believe they have to replace the current brick pavers with something new paving stones or other products, but in most of my estimates, they are surprised to learn that with some repair, rebuild, redesign, cleaning, & sealing, their existing paver products can look new & beautiful again!

 Of course some weathering effects may exist that can not be reversed, but with some minimal replacement or applying paver sealant, imperfections can be somewhat masked.  Paver restoration benefits usually outweigh the costs of replacing the existing pavers.  Unless a homeowner is adverse to the style or color of the current paving stones, I will always suggest re-using the current products in the restoration, rebuild, or redesign.

It is important for homeowners to know that the restoration of brick pavers is a viable option before getting frustrated and considering replacing them with another product. Your paver installation project needs to be evaluated by an experienced brick pavers contractor to get the best options that will meet your long-term expectations and budget.