Jul 15, 2012

Raised Pavers Patio is Redesigned to be more Functional

Multi-Level Paver Patio is reconstructed to One Level for added space

Old Multi-level Patio

This Raised Pavers Patio in Saline, MI was installed by a local landscaper over 5 years ago.  Though the design concept was appealing for the homeowner, the execution of a quality installation and functional design failed.  The quality of detail & cuts was poor to say the least, but the biggest complaint by the homeowner was the lack of useable space.  The scaled drawing they supplied looked so nice on paper but it did not serve the needs of this young growing family.

 The homeowner hired us to re-design this pavers patio to be more functional while using as much as possible the current products on-site so the project was economically possible.  This is where a true experienced brick pavers contractor works at their best.  Any contractor can start a paver project from scratch with nothing there!  Qualified and highly trained brick paver contractors know how to maximize current products and foresee issues & obstacles that may arise. 

My first suggestion was to make the entire pavers patio one level.  This would create one larger patio giving the added space needed for patio furniture, chairs, grill, fire pits, etc.. .  Multi-level raised paver patios are aesthetically pleasing but unless you have a very large design, you end up with 2 smaller patios.  Sometimes the smaller of the two is unusable like in this homeowner's situation.

The pavers patio redesign required us to reconstruct the paver steps coming out the doorwall.  We wanted to make sure they had a safe 3ft out landing step for the young ones & guests.  Because we eliminated the upper level patio and the steps leading down to the lower level patio, the paver steps needed to be transferred to the landing step at the doorwall.  With 12" wide treads, these paver steps were a comfortable and safe transfer to the newly expanded patio.

After disassembling the existing upper level patio pavers, block steps, & sitting wall, the back breaking work of removing the upper level base material began.  We needed to lower the base to the level of the lower level patio so we could install the paving stones flush with the current lower level patio height.  This took 4 workers approx. 7 hours to accomplish. We could not excavate with equipment since it would have disturbed the lower level patio which was to remain.  Many times you have to weigh the decision and trade offs of using good ole fashion man power versus power equipment use.

We completed this redesign and reconstruction of the raised pavers patio in 2 days.  We finished by completely power washing the patio & joints, and sweeping in new paver joint sand.  The transformation was incredible and the homeowner's were ecstatic.  The homeonwers had an upcoming party where they wanted to show off their newly designed patio.  Now, they had enough room for seating and Summer enjoyment!