Aug 28, 2012

Brick Paver Parking Area off Driveway is Restored

Neglected pavers are given repair, cleaning, and sanding in Ann Arbor

Brick Paver Parking Areas or Driveway Strips are a popular use for interlocking brick pavers.  This pavers area off the side of a cement driveway had been left for dead by the homeowner.  In its day, it was used to give additional area of parking for their teenager's vehicles and added space around the basketball net.  But as the children went off to college and no one was playing basketball any longer, this brick paver area was severely neglected.

The homeowner originally wanted to remove the pavers altogether and establish lawn in the area .  After weighing the pricing option of having this brick paver parking area restored to its original beauty & function, they felt that repairing it for the additional nominal cost would better meet their needs.  They still needed the additional parking area for returning college students and visiting guests.

This brick pavers installation was totally lifted up. The existing base material was leveled & re-compacted.  Additional base material was added to eliminate rutted and sunken areas and also compacted.  The proper pitches and finishing heights were determined and the old existing brick pavers were relaid in the approximately the same design, shape, & dimensions.

The old basketball pole & back board was removed and the hole was properly filled & compacted.  The removal of the basketball pole made this area much easier to access for vehicles.  After finishing with paver joint sand and compacting with a power plate compactor, the rejuvenated brick paver parking area had become alive again!

Most of our clients are surprised by the results of a total pavers restoration project at a nominal cost versus replacing with another pavement or landscape product.  Hiring a qualified and experienced brick paver contractor can be very rewarding when deciding to restore versus replacement.  This has always been the special asset of having brick pavers installed in the first place!