Sep 30, 2012

Brick Pavers Maintenance Tips to do this Fall

Simple Paver Maintenance tasks will insure long term performance

 Fall has arrived and as you begin to do your lawn & landscape pre-winter maintenance tasks, do not forget about your brick paver patio, walkway, porch, steps, driveway, etc.. .  There are some simple paver maintenance tasks that need to be performed in the Midwest before Winter.  If your prior brick paver contractor or landscaper did not properly educate you on these needs, I am here to help you.

 Here is an earlier article I posted regarding Winter Maintenance for Brick Pavers that will help insure endless years of beauty & function of your paver patios, walkways, and driveways.  After 29 years of experience, analysis, & visual feedback, I have spent more time educating my clients on paver maintenance requirements that in turn leads to the reduced need for added future paver repair services

I would like to expand on a couple of my paver maintenance tips from the earlier post so we can keep up with the ever evolving feedback I witness and receive back from clients.

The first piece of advice is to remove ALL items from your paver patio, walkway, etc.. that will stay stationary over the Winter.  This includes your patio table.  Each Spring I witness patios with 4 sunken pavers where each leg of the table meets the paving stones.  Just place your patio table in your landscape beds or lawn for the Winter. Do Not forget to remove the umbrella base too!  I am often asked about the grill since most people still use there's during the Winter months.  Just try to relocate (roll) slightly a few times during the winter so the legs & wheels do not stay on the same paving stones all Winter.

Second, touch up sweep any brick paver joints that lack joint sand going into the Winter.  We want to make sure that water during any rains or melt-off this Winter will flow over and off the pavers, not down into the joints.   If you have a raised paver patio with a modular wall block & cap on the outside perimeter, pay special attention to the joint between the outside brick paver and the block cap. This is the same for pavers inside block caps of paver steps and porches.

I am very passionate about the brick paver industry and I never install, repair, or restore a brick paver project with the intent to have to come back and repair.  My goal is to functionally create or bring back to life a paver patio, walkway, driveway, etc.. , educate the customer on maintenance needs they can easily perform themselves, and then be there when the customer needs our brick paver services.