Sep 23, 2012

Small Elegant Paver Patio Installed in Ann Arbor

Brick Pavers replace Old Concrete Patio to improve Outdoor Living Space

This past week in Ann Arbor, we replaced an old cement patio with a small and elegant paver patio using Fendt's Old World Vintage.  There was limited space to work with but using some "paver quilting" ideas with patterns & color, we were able to improve this homeowner's Outdoor Living Space.

Brick Pavers has always been the most flexible pavement available for using colors, patterns, shapes, & textures, at a reasonable and affordable cost.  Brick paver patios also offer the best option in long term maintenance & replacement costs.  Performing simple seasonal maintenance requirements like sweeping joint sand each Spring, will give a lifetime of performance, function, and enjoyment.

This homeowner wanted to keep the overall theme of Ann Arbor and their neighborhood by using a tumbled old world paver laid in a simple and elegant style.  A good brick pavers contractor will exhibit their expertise with attention to detail and clean craftsmanship.  We were able to meet these expectations with great impact!