Sep 18, 2012

Brick Pavers Walkway and Steps Restored

Curb Appeal is restored for home in Ann Arbor

Paver Walk before
We improved the curb appeal of this home in Ann Arbor this week by repairing, cleaning, and re-sanding the joints of this paver walkway and paver steps.  For years these brick pavers were neglected.  We were able to restore these pavers in a short day's worth of restoration.

Paver Walk after

At a nominal cost, we were able to bring a smile to the homeowner's face!  They had considered total replacement of this walkway & steps but I assured them that the best option was to restore the existing paver installation.

Paver Steps before
  Their only regret was that they waited too many years to have this restoration service performed.  The cost to restore their paver installations was much cheaper and rewarding then having them replaced with another product.

Paver Steps after
Upon completion, we educated the homeowner on what simple seasonal requirements are needed to avoid this total restoration in the future. We signed them up for our Spring maintenance program so they can enjoy the beauty and performance that interlocking brick pavers can offer.