Oct 14, 2012

Severely Neglected Brick Paver Walkways are Restored

Homeowner was overwhelmed and gave up on Brick Pavers but we did not!

Upon my arrival to this bid, I really did not think the homeowner was serious in restoring these brick paver walkways since they had been severely neglected.  It is not the first time I have witnessed such disregard of maintaining brick pavers, but the extent of neglect was severe.

 The good news was that we can restore these paver walks to there original beauty & function.  The homeowner had doubts but I assured her that it may even look better than the day it was installed. Our goal is to bring back the homeowner's confidence for using brick pavers that they originally believed in.

The homeowner had maintained these walkways for many years, but over the past few years many personal situations became more priority.  The homeowner was unaware that any contractor offered a seasonal maintenance program for brick pavers.  Their past brick paver installer was not interested in addressing any paver repair or cleaning services. In fact, they never even got back with an estimate on restoring the current pavers.  This is where my crew and I stepped in and came to the rescue!

When brick pavers are in this condition, it is imperative that they be completely lifted up and re-installed.  The organic matter from the weeds, grass, and soils in the joints have to be completely removed.  We concluded that @60% of the brick paver walks on this job site needed complete re-installation.  The other stretches of pavers needed paver surface & joint cleaning, new joint sand, re-compaction, and touch-up repairs.

 We also removed all the raised plastic edge restraint and replaced with the tired-and-true hidden cement bead.  Michigan frost does a number on edge restraints and after 30 years, the hidden cement bead edge restraint has performed the best.  Also, it is the easiest & least costly to repair if needed .

The end result of this paver restoration project was total redemption for brick pavers!  The homeowner who has been strong through her challenging times, was very emotional about the results we achieved.  We will be returning next Spring to perform Phase 2 restoring a paver patio & additional paver walks.  At that time, we will perform our Spring maintenance service on the completed Phase 1.  The homeowner is pleased to know that we will be there to maintain for future years and she can avoid any costly restoration expenses.