Oct 21, 2012

Brick Paver Patio Sealed in Ann Arbor

Sealing Brick Pavers should be performed by a Qualified & Experienced Contractor

We completed this Brick Paver Sealing of a paver patio in Ann Arbor this past week.  This paver patio was installed by another brick paver contractor only a year ago. The homeowner was frustrated with the original installing contractor because they had no interest in cleaning and sealing the patio they installed.

With a little prodding by the homeowner, the original installing contractor finally gave them a quote that was twice the cost of our quote.  The homeowner was fully aware that the contractor was not interested in performing this service and just tossed out a high quote.  We were here again to meet a homeowner's need at a very reasonable price!

 I see this all the time where a brick paver or landscape contractor is only interested in installing brick pavers and do not offer affordable & timely after services that homeowner's need.  Oh, they will do the job if you are willing to pay the high quote they throw out there! 

True brick paver contractors will not only give you a competitive quote, they will schedule your brick paver repairs, cleaning, sanding, sealing, etc.. like any other project.  They will also offer a seasonal maintenance program that will offer long-term performance and appearance of your brick pavers.  For homeowners on a tight budget, they will educate their clients on how to perform these paver maintenance services themselves.
This brick paver patio needed a general cleaning and the removal of one stained area in the middle.  The paver patio was re-sanded and we returned a day & half later when all was dry.  We carefully applied an approved brick paver sealant to this paver patio including the bordering sitting walls & pillars.

Fall is still a good time to clean & seal brick pavers.  Our pricing for these paver services are typically 15-20% cheaper than our Spring prices.  As long as temps are over 50 degrees, sealing pavers can be performed safely.  Other than budgeting for paver services, there is no advantage in waiting until Spring.