Nov 2, 2012

Improvement to Brick Paver Porch Enhances Curb Appeal in Ann Arbor

Brick Paver Porches and Steps are becoming the new normal

Ahh..the dreaded traditional American Porch. The staple of most homes throughout the United States.  The most visible structure on homes that makes or breaks your overall home curb appeal.  In the last 15 years there has been a shift from the traditional mortared brick & concrete slab porches to the more popular flexible brick paver porch and steps.

Porches & Steps come in many different sizes, dimensions, heights, and materials.  But brick paver blocks, caps, & paving stone structures are offering the best long-term performance & maintenance cost.  Offering many different shapes, colors, textures, and cost options, brick paver porches and steps have been replacing the old traditional American staple. 

In an early post, I spelled out the different options for having a brick paver porch and steps installed at your home.  A qualified and experienced brick paver contractor will properly propose the best brick paver porch and step option that best meets your needs & budget.

This current porch project we did in Ann Arbor this past week not only improved the curb appeal appearance of this home, it drastically improved the overall performance of the porch.  The past installing contractor improperly mortared high density concrete pavers around the perimeter.  Not only was it unsightly, but the loose bricks had made it a trip hazard.  Over the last 5 years, the homeowner had to have these paving stones repaired twice.  It was now going to be the third time when they contacted me for a better option.

I had a very easy solution for them.  We would remove all of the top layer of brick pavers, install a paver block coping unit as the outside frame, and install new similar paving stones to replace the old weathered pavers.  This way the whole porch will have a new look at a reasonable price.

The homeowner was very pleased with the final restoration of their porch.  The new paver porch is structurally sound and safe.  It is important to hire an experienced contractor that considers the long-term ramifications of the products & design of their installations.  This homeowner had learned the hard way but now can relax and spend budgeted funds in other home improvement areas.