Feb 8, 2013

Brick Paver Manufacturers I use in Southeast Michigan

Using a high quality Paving Stone or Paver Block is essential to maximum results

For over 30 years now, I have been using and recommending two major brick paver manufacturers in Southeast Michigan.  The first is FENDT Builders Supply which is headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI.  The second is North America's largest brick paver manufacturer - UNILOCK.  UNILOCK has a manufacturer plant in Brighton, MI.

FENDT Builders Supply is a local Michigan company that has over 80 years of experience & knowledge. Offering a wide spectrum of concrete paver products, tools, accessories, and support, FENDT has positioned themselves as a supplier of affordable, quality & attractive paving stones and modular retaining wall systems.

UNILOCK is an international brick paving manufacturer that has lead the innovation & production of brick pavers and modular retaining wall systems in North America.  UNILOCK has positioned themselves to offer a full pricing range of low cost to high end products.

My commitment to these two quality manufactures arises from their wide range of products, colors, shapes, textures, warranties, and availability offered.  Unlike paving stones offered at big box home improvement stores, FENDT & UNILOCK offer many outlets for obtaining their products.  They also maintain an adequate inventory of products and allow for purchase directly at their manufacturing plants.

There are other good brick paver manufacturers that produce here in Michigan or ship into the State, but their availability and sufficient stock of inventory usually is lacking. All my bidding & design utilizes FENDT or UNILOCK products. My crew and myself are very familiar with the possibilities and limitations of these products.

My 30 years experience with these companies has allowed me to witness their commitment to guaranteeing their respective products.  If it is not right, they will replace their products.  Both manufacturers have a Sales & Service representative structure that will advise & train contractor or homeowner alike.

When bidding a paver project, I usually do not favor any one manufacturer over the other.  I evaluate the homeowner's need and budget before recommending which products, colors, textures, etc..  should be proposed.  I am confident in the quality & performance of both paver manufacturer's products so the overall project design, color, and paver shape will determine which manufacturer will be recommended.