Oct 21, 2014

Pavers Patio Restored to Original Beauty!

Patio repair, cleaning, sanding, and sealing is performed

This past month we performed a complete restoration of a pavers patio in Livonia, MI.  Due to some neglect and severe Winter frost damage, this paver patio had seen better days.  The homeowner contacted us to see if we can restore this brick pavers patio and paver steps to their original beauty and performance.


We began by performing repair to the brick pavers around the perimeter of the wall block caps and reset
them flush.  The paver steps needed some releveling and adhering of caps to make them safe & functional.  We also ran the power plate compactor over the entire pavers patio to help relock loose brick pavers.

Upon completion of the brick paver repairs, we power washed and cleaned all the paving stones, paver joints, wall blocks, and caps.  We resanded the paver joints with regular paver joint sand.  It is highly recommended not to use any poly or bonding sands when sealing your brick pavers.

We returned a couple days later when we where confident all was dry, touched up the paver joints with sand as needed, and applied an approved brick paver sealant.  This customer choose a "wet look" glossy sealer.  We also offer a "matte" satin finish sealer for those customers who do not want the gloss look. Paver sealants will last approximately 2-3 years but most of our repeat customers like to reseal every 2 years to get a fresh new look.

With routine Spring sand sweeping of joint sand and touch-up repairs & plate compacting of the brick pavers, this newly restored pavers patio will remain in pristine condition for a long time.  The performance and appearance will benefit the customer for many years to come!