Jan 26, 2014

Brick Pavers Repair, Restoration, Cleaning & Sealing, and Maintenance Programs for 2014

Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and Ann Arbor lead the way in requests for brick paver repairs & restorations 

This past 2013 year, brick pavers and retaining wall repairs, restorations, cleanings, sealings, and maintenance programs gained a lot of ground in the industry.  A growing area for overall brick paver restorations is the Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and Ann Arbor areas.

Due to the booming growth in the 90's for these communities, they experienced the unprecedented installation of brick pavers and retaining walls in there landscape projects.  Now 20 yrs later, the life of these brick paver installations have come full circle.  Lack of maintenance and neglect will greatly reduce the shelf life of any pavement in Michigan.

Poor installations by unqualified landscapers and lack of educating the homeowner of seasonal maintenance requirements greatly contributed to the failure of many paver patios, walks, steps, and driveway installations. The great home foreclosure period we experienced also contributed to the added neglect of paver installations that basically where left for dead.

As the economy slowly improves and job security is more prevalent in these once booming communities, homeowners have focused their attention on restoring their brick pavers.  Whether it is due to appearance or safety issues, homeowners are contacting an experienced and specialized brick paver company. Homeowners want to resurrect their once functional and desirable outdoor living space.

Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and Ann Arbor are regaining ground lost from the past 10 yrs. The increased requests for repair and restoration for a homeowners brick pavers has mirrored this stable growth in 2013.  Re-creating that beautiful paver installation you once enjoyed is a feasible possibility if you hire the right  brick pavers contractor for the job!