Oct 26, 2015

Pavers Driveway Cleaning and Sealing in Bradenton, FL

Brick pavers repair, cleaning, joint sanding, and sealing restores some original beauty!

This past week we completed a pavers driveway restoration project in Bradenton, Florida. Like most brick pavers in the St Petersburg, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, & Sarasota areas, neglect and lack of proper maintenance inhibits the appearance and performance of this exceptional paving surface. With some professional attention to this brick paver driveway, we were able to restore some of its original beauty and long-term performance.

  We began this pavers driveway restoration project by doing some minor touch-up paver repairs by resetting some settled paving stones in the driveway and front paver walk.  We were able to successfully clean the mold, mildew, and organic matter in the joints and paver
surface by performing a high powered power wash cleaning.  By using a surface cleaner and turbo tip powerwash wand, we were able to prep the pavers driveway surface for proper sealing.

We re-sanded the paver joints with the proper paver joint sand, did numerous touch-ups of the joints, and blew off the pavers to remove any reminiscence of joint sand off the paver surface to allow for a clean and quality pavers sealing application.

After cutting in some tight areas, we generously applied with a commercial sprayer the high quality SEAL 'n LOCK Easy Seal brick paver sealant.  Due to the porous and weathered nature of this particular pavers driveway surface, we did apply 2 coats or applications of Easy Seal which normally only requires 1 coat.  Keep in mind that the current condition or porosity of your brick pavers will reflect the amount of paver sealant & applications needed which reflects into the overall job price.

 The end result was an incredible resurgence of the appearance of this brick pavers driveway and walk.  The homeowner was ecstatic about the restoration appearance but we were more concerned about the protection and long-term protection of the brick pavers!  We educated the homeowner on the on going maintenance requirements of their pavers driveway.  Cleaning and sealing of brick pavers should be performed about every 2 years and in between, joint sand sweeping should be performed to keep joints filled that become void from erosion and vehicle/foot traffic.