Nov 23, 2015

Pavers Patio in St Petersburg gets Cleaning & Sealing

Brick pavers patios, driveways, pool areas, and entrances require some yearly maintenance

Our most popular brick pavers maintenance request is cleaning and sealing of neglected paver patios, driveways, and pool areas in the St Petersburg, FL.  We often see excessive mold & mildew, joint sand
in paver joints eroded and void, and the over taking of joints from organic matter like weeds & grass.

Over time if the paver joint sand is not addressed, filled & stabilized by sealer, slow erosion from extreme Florida rains will begin to effect the performance of your brick pavers installation.  As surface water runs down the open joints, it will slowly erode or undermine the base below the paving stones. Keeping paver joints filled will allow the water to run over the top of the paving stones, not between them!  Open joints also are a safe haven for weed, grass, & moss growth if not filled & stabilized by sealer.  When the base material below your brick pavers begins to erode, the paving stones will settle by sinking or shifting.

Routine brick paver maintenance will insure the long term appearance and performance of your brick pavers installation.  Cleaning and re-sanding paver joints can be done anytime when needed.  Sealing of your brick pavers patio, driveway, pool areas, entrances, etc.. should be on an every 2-3 year program to help protect the surface of your brick pavers and help stabilize the paver joints.