Apr 10, 2011

Beware of Using Handyman Sevices for Brick Pavers Repair

Inexperience and lack of knowledge & resources spells trouble for you.

Beware! Hiring a Handyman or Home Repair Service to perform brick pavers and retaining wall repair can not only be costly but also ineffective.  The "jack of all trades" and "masters of none" have begun to offer interlocking pavers patios, walkways, driveways, and retaining wall repair services in Michigan.

Much like my earlier posts on inexperienced Landscape contractors, Handyman services do not offer the expertise and detail for long-term success.  Even more than landscapers trying to perform detail interlocking brick paver and modular retaining wall installations, repair, and cleaning & sealing, handyman services lack the training, expertise, costing model, and proper tools to successfully execute paver patio restorations.

Recently I have been getting "shopped" by a well known Handyman Service company here in Ann Arbor & Canton.  I noticed this Spring that they are advertising brick paver patio repair along with their long list of other services from attic repair to laying carpet. 

These Handyman & Home repair service companies need to have me come out and tell them what needs to be done, how to do it, and what the cost will be.  I am very guarded from my years of experience and knowledge so I was able to identify them quickly. 

The shame of it is that homeowners are led to believe that these major Handyman Service companies know what they are doing with performing brick pavers & retaining wall repair, cleaning, sealing, and replacement.  The truth is they really "drop the brick" in this area and should stick to the services they are properly trained & certified in.

Remember to always hire a qualified and professional brick pavers contractor to install, repair, clean & seal, your paver projects.  There are great certified, trained, and experienced paver and retaining wall contractors that will better serve your needs.  Start with an ICPI - Interlocking Conctete Pavement Institue certified installer & member. Having a Michigan Builder's License is essential and another tier or level of screening a trained brick pavers contractor.