Apr 23, 2011

Paver Patio Step & Soldier Course Repair in Canton

Common Elevated Brick Paver Patio Repairs

Elevated or raised paver patios in Canton usually require some touch-up repair to Steps and the soldier course row of pavers along the back of the Wall caps.  This job in Canton was no exception and our experienced & qualified crew was able to bring this elevated patio back to life!

The Paver Step was completely disassemble and rebuilt to its original height & dimensions. After 5 years of settling, this paver step became unsafe and unsightly. We were able to totally reconstruct this brick pavers step using the same blocks, caps, & paving stones.

The Elevated Patio needed a few minor repairs. There were some sunken areas along the house and most noticeably, the soldier course row of pavers immediately behind the wall caps had settled.  We removed about 2-3 rows of pavers behind the caps, re-compacted the base, added more base, reset the paving stones, compacted, and finished with joint sand.

The total cost of labor & materials was $900 and this paver patio repair had restored its original appearance and our client was ecstatic. The original pavers contractor did not educate this client about the need to sweep in paver joint sand each Spring and the need to report any major settling to avoid extensive added settling.

Our customer followed up with an email that evening ...
         Brick Doctor Bill,
Great Job!  Thanks for the quality work and staying in touch with me during the entire process.  I didn't have to call you once to ask what the status of my job was.  You gave me a time frame and contacted me as the date approached.  I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work with a company who understands customers just want to know what the status of their job is and don't want to be the one chasing down their contractor.  I will certainly recommend you to all me neighbors and will use you in the future.
Roger Runyan
 Good Brick Paver Contractors not only perform professional & quality brick paver installaitons & repair, they are honest, timely, and communicative. In times of uncertainty, it is important for homeowners to receive the "full" package of quality service & performance.