Nov 25, 2011

Pavers Patio Repair , Restoration, & Cleaning in Ann Arbor

Old Brick Paver Patio and Window Wells are restored & redesigned

I came across this brick paver patio in immediate need of repair and restoration this month.  To the homeowner's admission, no maintenance or joint sweeping had ever been performed for 15 years on this deteriorating brick paver patio in Ann Arbor. 

Since it was installed in 1996, this paver patio had been neglected and ignored.  The current patio was full of dirt, water stains, weeds, dips, gaps, and pitching towards the home.  I assured this homeowner that my crew and I can restore this patio to its original beauty & performance.

The homeowner and I discussed some important design improvements that would give this paver patio an updated look.  The homeowner was very happy with the current size & dimensions so I suggested we soldier course frame the entire brick patio with a contrasting color that closely matched the house siding color. This small detail really gave this patio restoration the wow factor!

I also suggested we replace the old steel window well units with new landscape wall blocks that would be more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  The old steel units usually push up with frost and contort and warp over time.  The new landscape blocks will flex to future frost movements and drastically improve the paver patio appearance.

With these new improvements to the patio restoration approved, my crew and I began this project by completely lifting up the entire paver patio for reinstallation.  We cleaned the current paving stones and removed the contaminated top layer of base material.  The new landscape block window wells where installed and the current existing base material was recompacted. We added additional base to create proper pitches away from the house and reinstalled the paving stones with the new colored soldier course borders.

The end result was an incredible transformation and updating of this brick paver patio.  The new landscape block window wells were a perfect match and the paver patio now properly pitched from the home. The new color accented soldier course border gave the patio some "pop" and the cleaning brought back most of the original paver color. Next year the homeowner is having us return to seal this  paver patio to complete the total restoration.

It is usually never too late to update and restore an old pavers patio. An experienced and knowledgeable repair and restoration brick pavers contractor can meet your expectations for revitalizing your patio, walkway, driveway, etc...  Do your due diligence and you will not be disappointed.