Nov 27, 2011

November Brick Paver Tip: Remove Leaves

Simple Brick Paver Maintenance steps will help you avoid unnecessary costs

As leaves fall from trees & bushes here in November, remember to remove them from your brick paver patios, walkways, driveways, porches, and more. Easily blow them off with a leaf blower or sweep off with a broom. Try to get this paver maintenance tip done before it begins to snow.

  Most people think it is because of the obvious reason for leaf stains. Leaf stains will usually disappear from high density concrete pavers in the Spring as the acid from the stain wears off. So do not worry about leaf stains this time of year if you see them already.

The biggest reason you should remove leaves from your brick pavers is the fact that leaves break down into compost, in other words, dirt & soil.  This organic transformation will fill paver joints with unwanted soil that will restrict drainage through the pavers and aid in the germination of weeds & grass. 

In the Spring I can usually identify the areas where leaves collected on paver patios and walkways going into the winter by observing the dirt stains areas in corners or along landscape beds.  It will require cleaning of the paving stone surfaces and paver joints to remove this organic matter. 

Simply blowing or sweeping leaves off brick pavers in the Fall will save time from performing this avoidable paver maintenance step in the Spring.