Dec 1, 2011

Old Neglected Pavers Patio is Redesigned, Rebuilt, and Restored

New Patio in Ann Arbor will bring endless enjoyment and entertaining

When I came across this old neglected brick paver patio in Ann Arbor, I was surprised to its condition since it was in an affluent neighborhood.  The homeowner admitted they rarely used this patio the past 10 years and in turn, had neglected keeping it up.  Now that their time of traveling for work had subsided, it was time to update their outdoor living space for personal enjoyment and entertaining.

We discussed their current needs and wants for a functional and aesthetically pleasing raised paver patio.  The current size was sufficient for their needs and they liked the multi-level patio layout.  We also discussed the feasibility of using the existing Holland pavers and disposing of the old railroad tie framing.  A patio sitting wall was designed to create additional seating and divide the appearance of the different patio levels.

  I gave them the cost option of replacing the current pavers and we both felt it was worth reusing the current bricks.  I assured them we could clean the current pavers to bring back some of the color.  We also would mix in some new bundles of pavers since we were going to add a brick paver walkway from the paver patio to the driveway. Sealing of the pavers was contracted for later in the year to further enhance the color.

The old railroad tie framing was upgraded to a new modular retaining wall blocks and caps. In this installation, the customer selected FENDT's Country Manor Stonegate for the raised patio walls, paver steps, and sitting wall.  I also recommended a curved design to soften the geometrical shapes of the house.  

The homeowner was ecstatic with this transformation from an old neglected and dilapidated paver patio to a new exciting outdoor living space.  I took the time to educate them with the minimal maintenance requirements so they can avoid ever seeing the eye sore they had created in the past.