Apr 28, 2012

Unique Cafe Paver Patio in Ann Arbor

Clay pavers are Cleaned and Redesigned to create New Pavers Patio

Near the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor this week we installed a unique Cafe Paver Patio for a homeowner who wanted to reuse their existing clay pavers.  Currently, they had a tiny paver pad at their side entrance, but wanted to expand this area so they could enjoy an expresso in the morning. 

This paver patio project began with the need to pitch water away from the side entrance door. The existing tiny pad was too low and the current asphalt in this area pitched towards the house.  We surveyed this area to find the reference points to make sure we could pitch the pavers away from the side door and along the house. So, we were solving two needs at once... creating a beautiful small patio and pitching water away from the house.

The homeowner had some additional clay pavers onsite and we cleaned  & reused the existing pavers outside the side entrance door.  We still needed to obtain some additional clay pavers from a local supply company to complete the redesign of this new cafe paver patio. We saw cut the existing asphalt with a clean line and prepped the base as needed.

 We found a close match of clay pavers to complete this installation and by mixing all three sources, we were able to create a very natural and functional paver patio for the homeowner.  This cafe paver patio is accented with the use of a decorative rain barrel that catches the water from an adjoining downspout.

 This use of decorative rain barrels has been gaining momentum and I am an advocate of their use and function.  Any time you can avoid piping under ANY pavement, the long term headaches and repairs associated with drains can be avoided. When it comes to frost states like Michigan, piping for gutter downspouts is an on going frustration and often results in the lack of long term performance.

The adage that "beautiful things come in small packages" holds true with this cafe pavers patio redesign & installation. Though small, this paver patio packs a big punch....much like the expressos that will be enjoyed for so many years to come!