May 9, 2012

Pavers Patio and Walkway Restored after 25 years

Brick Pavers are resilient and offer the best long-term pavement solution

We recently restored this Pavers Patio and Walkway in Ann Arbor that was originally installed 25 years ago.  The homeowner gave up about 5 years ago removing weeds from the open & gapping joints. I assured the homeowner that we could re-use the existing brick pavers and re-install the paver patio and paver walkway to their original dimensions, design, and appearance.  Aside from the normal effects of weathering, the original function of the paving stones would be restored.

We completely lifted up the brick pavers, removed any organic matter, re-compacted the original base material, added additional base as needed, and reinstalled the paving stones in the original shape, size, and design.  We cleaned the pavers and re-sanded with regular joint sand.  We then returned a week later when all was dry and applied an approved brick paver sealant.  The main purpose for sealing was to protect the paving stones from any further weathering.

  The homeowner was never instructed by the installing contractor that they needed to keep the paver joints filled with joint sand. The installing contractor at the time told them that "brick pavers are NO maintenance" and they " will never move".  This was a constant theme I encountered through the early years of brick pavers in Southeast Michigan. 

At the completion of this brick paver restoration project, we spent the much needed time educating the customer of the minimum maintenance requirements of interlocking pavers.  Spring sand sweepings of the paver joints and periodic spot repairs of any settled pavers will insure endless years of beauty and function.