May 20, 2012

Paver Steps Leading Down to Patio are Rebuilt

Poorly designed & installed Brick Paver Steps are our number 1 repair request

These set of Paver Steps in Ypsilanti where not only poorly designed but also poorly installed.  The inexperienced landscape contractor that the homeowner hired used an inferior garden block to construct these paver patio steps.  These garden blocks where not intended for paver step construction but more suited for landscape walls around plant beds.

Upon evaluating the cost of replacing the existing paver steps with a more appropriate engineered block & cap system versus reconstructing the pavers steps using the same products, the homeowner elected to have us reconstruct using the same products.  Due to budget and other household priorities, the repair cost made more sense for the homeowner at this time.

 Aside from the fact that these paver block steps may violate a few building codes, the attention to detail for construction was ignored too.  The end result was a set of paver steps that slowly deteriorated and became extremely unsafe for the homeowner & their guests.  The paver steps where sagging, separating, loosening, and collapsing quickly.

 Upon reconstruction we used the proper adhesives and geotextile fabrics inside the structure to reduce future erosion & settling.  We took every step to maximize the performance of these paver blocks & caps.  We instructed the customer to keep an eye on any future failure and make sure it is addressed immediately to avoid the same adverse situation they had just experienced.

There is no guarantee that these garden blocks will perform properly in the long-term because they are not intended for this particular application.  It may require routine touch up repairs, but for some homeowners weighing the cost for total replacement, this is the "cost/ benefit" chance they are willing to take.