Apr 25, 2013

Brick Paver Patio Repair & Redesign in Canton, MI

One of our biggest request this year from homeowners who seek repairs to their brick pavers patios is to redesign the patio to be more functional.  In the past, multi-level raised paver patios were designed with aesthetics in mind but not always functionality.

This brick paver patio in Canton, MI needed some extensive repair to it's settling wall block & cap retaining wall and sunken brick pavers.  The homeowner was also frustrated with the design because it functioned like 2 small patios instead of one large one.  After placing their patio furniture and outdoor accents, they found flow of traffic very difficult.  When entertaining friends & family, most people had to
co-mingle in the yard.

My recommendation was for us to raise the lower ground level area of the paver patio to the raised or elevated portion.  We re-used most of the current paver products and obtained additional wall blocks, caps, and some more paving stones to complete this redesign.

Repairs and releveling was performed to the elevated portion of this paver patio and the new raised patio area was made flush to create one larger and functional outdoor living space.  The homeowner was very happy with the final product and immediately ordered some new patio furniture so they could entertain and enjoy Summer sunsets.

One of the major advantages of brick pavers is it's versatility and opportunity to make changes or repairs without any obvious signs or flaws.