Apr 11, 2013

Elevated Brick Pavers Patio & Steps are Rebuilt

This week we performed a total rebuild of a highly elevated brick pavers patio and steps that had severely settled.  The landscape contractor that installed this pavers patio 3 years ago would not address their original warranty period.  After 2 years of frustration & safety issues, the customer contacted us to help them.

The outside paver block retaining walls had drastically settled and pitched back to the home.  The paver
steps coming out the doorwall and leading down to the yard off the paver patio were crumbling and loose.  The brick pavers on top had sunk almost 3 inches below the height
of the retaining wall caps.  This paver structure was eroding fast and after this years winter frost, it was in threat of collapsing.

The only solution in this paver repair situation was to totally rebuild the structure.  There was no feasible way
to "band aid" this poorly installed brick paver patio.  I assured the homeowner that we will re-install this raised paver patio & steps in a stronger and better appearance than the original installation.

We completely tore down the outside paver block & cap walls to the ground.  We re-installed the retaining walls with a slight pitch from the house on recompacted base.  The wall caps where re-cut and adhered with the proper adhesion.  The paver steps were more of a challenge but we completely rebuilt them too.  The final step was to remove the brick pavers (surface).  The existing base was recompacted, additional base was added, and the existing brick pavers were reinstalled properly and at the right height.

When the customer returned the last day to see their paver patio and steps repaired, it ended 2 years of disappointment and frustration.  They commented that it looked better and cleaner than the original installation and they looked forward to entertaining this coming Summer.  Another successful Brick Doctor Bill brick paver restoration!