Apr 29, 2013

Simple Repair & Cleaning of Brick Pavers Patio and Walk in Plymouth, MI

Repairs, Cleaning, Sealing, and Maintenance of Brick Pavers is on fire!

This past week we performed a simple restoration of a brick paver patio and walkway in Plymouth, MI.  This is our most common brick paver service: simple touch-up repairs of sunken or lifted pavers, cleaning of the paving stones and paver joints, re-sanding of the paver joints, and re-gluing or loose block wall or step caps .  Some customers will elect to have sealing of their paver installations but this is completely optional.

This paver patio and walkway was installed about 12 years ago and this was the first attention it received.  The cost for our service on this particular raised paver patio and walk was $1,150.  This price did NOT include sealing with an approved brick paver sealant. Had this customer elected to seal this paver patio & walk, it would have been an additional $400.

All paver restoration jobs are priced custom and require different services and costs.  Repairs are the biggest variable when pricing restoration projects. Paver Step repair or patio wall blocks & caps are usually the most expensive repair to perform.

Cleaning & Sanding is very reasonable when performed during repairs.  The current condition of the paver surface & joints determines the overall cleaning cost.  Sealing is always optional and our costs includes using the "right" paver sealants that run approx. $175/ 5 gallon drum.  Many pseudo contractors are using imitation or the wrong sealers for high density concrete pavers.  I can not tell you how many times customers call me when things go wrong with sealing from other contractors or themselves.

Simple paver patio restorations can bring back the life of your outdoor living space.  Hiring a qualified brick paver contractor, not a landscaper or handy man service, is the first step in getting a quality job done.  The next step is being diligent and not neglecting your brick pavers.