Jan 15, 2018

The Function and Beauty of Brick Pavers is in full effect!

Repair & Restoration services for brick paver patios is soaring!

The ground is freezing in Michigan and the ever expanding nature of pavements, such as, interlocking brick pavers, begin to stress under this Winter occurrence.  Pushed to the limit, brick pavers will look wavy, pushed up, or contorted.  Our clients who we educate that this is a normal and natural event needs to exhibit some patience before getting discouraged about the performance of their brick paver patios, walks, steps, driveways, etc.. 

As Spring approaches, we will begin the inspection and bidding process. To properly assess any need for paver repairs to damaged or failed brick pavers, the ground frost must have exited the ground below to make an accurate estimate.

Brick pavers maintenance is a growing need for our clients and we reward them (and us) by contacting them each March regarding our yearly brick paver services available.  We start every Spring by offering to service OUR CLIENTS first!  We contact our clients prior to doing any estimating of new business to allow them to get on our schedule.  Aside from touch-up repairs or the releveling of the pavers, we offer the following brick pavers services each Spring: 

We begin each Spring season offering our valued clients our Spring Sand Sweeping and Compacting service.  We re-compact their brick pavers using a plate compacting machine or tamper to help re-lock the brick pavers and hopefully knock back down any pavers left sticking up.  We then finish with sweeping regular paver joint sand over their pavers to help refill any voided joints from the Winter snow, ice, & thaw.  Keeping paver joints filled is the number one maintenance need of brick pavers to help avoid erosion, shifting, & weed growth.

The next popular service we offer each Spring is Cleaning, Sanding, and Compacting of our clients brick paver patios, walks, driveways, etc..  This valuable service just adds cleaning of the brick paver surface and joints.  Clients usually take advantage of this service every 2 years as dirt, moss, mildew, or vegetation growth may reappear.

Brick Paver Sealing is becoming our largest growing service over the last 5 years as customers want to restore the original look and preserve the appearance of their paver patios, walks, and driveways.

Cleaning, sanding, & compacting is always included in this sealing service, so basically, its a total restoration of your brick pavers. Sealing of brick pavers is usually performed every 2-3 years depending on your personal preference of  their appearance. 

We offer these valuable services to ALL clients, old and new.  Once you have become one of our clients, you will get priority each Spring to have your brick pavers maintained and preserved to your liking for many years to come!  This is our goal and this is our business!We service Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Belleville, Michigan areas.