Mar 20, 2016

Brick Pavers Patio Repair, Cleaning, & Sealing begins for Spring 2016

Restoration and Spring Maintenance for paver patio in Canton starts the new season

Brick Doctor Bill and Team has started the 2016 season with a brick pavers patio & walkway repair, cleaning, & sealing.  Contacting a qualified and experienced brick paver contractor is crucial to a successful and rewarding experience having your paver patio and walkway restored.

This raised brick paver patio in Canton, MI is well over 12years old and required some immediate attention and restoration.  The upper level brick pavers had sunk below the height of the outside raised patio wall blocks & caps, therefore water could not drain off the patio and creating a serious trip hazard.  The paver step leading into the doorwall had fallen apart and due to the lack of any routine maintenance, weeds & dirt had taken over the brick paver joints.

Brick Doctor Bill and Team lifted up the entire upper level paver surface, recompacted the existing base, added additional base to raise & relevel the patio for proper drainage, rebuilt the brick paver step at doorwall, and secured any area of the outside raised patio wall blocks & caps that were loose.


After we performed the brick paver repairs listed above, we cleaned the brick pavers, wall blocks & caps, and paver joints to prep for sealing.  We finished this brick paver patio restoration by sealing the entire structure with an approved brick paver sealant.

The client can now enjoy the beauty and functionality of this raised brick pavers patio that is was intended to perform.  Do not wait to call a qualified brick paver contractor to have your patio repaired or restored before it deteriorates even more or becomes a safety hazard.  After restored, some nominal maintenance cost or time each Spring will insure long-term performance and appearance.