Feb 17, 2017

Simple Pavers Patio Repair and Restoration in Plymouth


Repair, Cleaning, and Sealing of brick pavers patio brings new life

This simple pavers patio in Plymouth, MI was restored this past summer to the delight of the homeowner.  Once left for dead due to neglect and many years of winter frost damage, this brick pavers patio still had enough life for us to bring it back to its original beauty and performance.

So many of our clients believe there is no hope for repairing and restoring their brick pavers patios, walkways, and driveways but hope can happen and we are just the company to perform this magic! 


The biggest selling point about brick pavers is that we can in most cases re-use the existing pavers.  With repair & releveling, cleaning, re-sanding joints, and sealing these brick pavers, we can bring back from the ashes the appearance and strong structure that once graced the outdoor living space. 


Performing this brick pavers restoration requires experience and more expertise than an original installation.  The challenges for a qualified brick paver contractor are numerous and should not be put in the hands of a handy man or landscaper.  Nothing can replace knowledge and experience when it comes to brick paver repair, cleaning, & sealing