Jan 23, 2017

Brick Paver Driveway Repair and Restoration

Repair, Cleaning, and Sealing of Pavers Driveway

This past week we performed brick paver repairs and restoration, cleaning & sealing, to a pavers driveway and entrance in St Petersburg, Florida.   This pavers driveway and entrance was installed about 7 years ago but never had any routine pavers maintenance performed.  The homeowner was becoming concerned about the appearance and performance of their brick pavers.The paver repair areas were minor so we were able to reset the brick pavers in a few hours.  The biggest pavers maintenance issue that needed to be addressed was cleaning, re-sanding the paver joints, and sealing of the
brick pavers.

This brick paver driveway had a lot of hard water rust stains from the irrigation system.  We were able to get great results cleaning these hard water stains. Other stains, like oil and grease, were reduced but complete removal is very difficult or cost inhibited.  The best approach to these oil & grease stains is replacement of the brick paver itself.  During the cleaning process, we removed most of the paver joint sand that had been compromised by dirt, debris, vegetation, and moss/ mold.

After cleaning the pavers surfaces and paver joints, we re-installed new paver joint sand.  After tedious sweeping, blowing, and joint touch ups, we applied a generous coat of Seal 'n Lock sealer to give the brick pavers a high quality protection and appearance to this brick pavers driveway.  The customer wanted a "matte" non-gloss, non-slippery finish that would further protect the brick pavers from weathering & etching.  It is highly recommended to have your brick pavers cleaned & sealed every 2-3 years for long-term performance & protection.  The improved visual appearance of the brick pavers is the best benefit for most customers. 

Keeping your brick pavers on a routine pavers maintenance program will insure a life time of performance and enhanced appearance.  Most customers are not educated by the brick paver installer or contractor as to the pavers maintenance needs.  In most cases, the first repair and restoration service we perform costs the most due to the current adverse conditions of the neglected brick pavers. Routine pavers maintenance over the future years should cost less as long as you keep on a 2-3 year pavers maintenance program.