Dec 4, 2018

Paver Patio Restoration in Canton, MI

Cleaning and Sealing Brick Pavers Patios

Our most common brick paver restoration service is cleaning and sealing of brick pavers patios.  This brick pavers patio we restored in Canton, MI this past Fall. The pavers patio had some minor touch up repairs but for the most part it needed some attention to its appearance and paver joints.

Mold and organic growth had overtaken over the brick paver joints and surfaces. The paver joints had many voided spots due to lack of maintenance and attention over the years. The brick pavers and paver joints were thoroughly cleaned and then we re-sanded the joints with regular paver joint sand.

We then sealed with a high quality matte finish brick paver sealant which helped stabilized the joint sand and enhanced the color & protection of the brick paver surface.

We educated the homeowner on the the routine maintenance requirements and signed them up for our Spring Service program.  As a new routine customer service policy, we returned approx. a month later to do an inspection and courtesy "touch up" service for the joint sand.

Brick paver patios can be the outdoor living space that you imagined when you purchased your home. Do not give up just get it restored to its original beauty and function!