Sep 4, 2019

Raised Brick Paver Patio Rebuild in Plymouth MI

Experience is essential when doing Brick Paver Patio rebuilds

This past month we did a total rebuild and restoration of a Raised Brick Paver Patio in Plymouth, MI.  After 15 years of brutal winter frost / freeze thaw cycles, poor original installation, lack of routine maintenance, and just plain total neglect, we were able to bring this brick paver patio and steps back to life!
All the brick pavers and paver blocks & caps were lifted up and rebuilt to similar shape, design, and dimensions.  Any loose original base material was re-compacted and additional base material was added to raise, relevel, and properly repitch from the house.  

Deconstructing the current brick paver patio is a planned method and a strategy that we have developed over the years to maximize the re-use and function of the current products.  

Great care is taken to insure that products can be re-utilized and properly reconstruct the paver patio to its original design and beauty.  

After careful base prep and optimized heights are determined, the original brick pavers and paver blocks & caps are re-installed.

After the raised brick paver patio was totally reconstructed using the same brick pavers and paver blocks & caps, we cleaned and sealed to complete the restoration project.  See the results that you can have for your brick paver patio, walk, steps, driveway, and more!

Our brick paver company is one of the top rebuild and restoration brick paver contractors in Metro Detroit.  This is our signature work and our specialty.  Hiring the right brick paver company is essential for getting the best work & service done when repairing & restoring brick pavers.