Sep 21, 2019

Old Brick Paver Patio & Steps Replaced in Ann Arbor

Updated Pavers Patio & Steps will improve house value

Brick Doctor Bill and Team replaced an old dilapidated and neglected brick paver patio and steps in Ann Arbor, Michigan this past week.  This old paver patio was sunken and was taken over by organic matter which inhibits the performance and appearance.

Like many clients we do work for, this homeowner inherited this neglected paver patio when they recently purchased the home.  The homeowner was embarrassed by the appearance and frustrated by the lack of its functionality.  It was time to have us perform a solution!

This client had done some good research and had set a reasonable budget for us to replace the unusable brick paver patio and install an updated outdoor living space they could be proud to use.

We took a simple traditional Holland 4X8 brick paver and improved the appearance by laying in a 45 degree herringbone pattern.  With modern color choices and detailed design patterns, we greatly improved the visual appeal of this brick pavers patio.

We did a simple paver block & caps paver step structure that will need less maintenance over the years.  35+ years of experience and analysis has showed us that step structures that are of solid blocks  & caps, no use of actual brick pavers, hold up much better. Paver steps and landings in rectangular designs are structurally stronger and more functional. Also, we have moved away from 1/2 circle or curved paver steps that require frequent maintenance and repair.

The final installed new brick paver patio and paver step is simply spectacular! We set them up on our yearly brick paver maintenance program.  Now our client will no longer be embarrassed to have friends & family over and the function of this pavers patio will be enjoyed for many, many, years to come!